How Often Should You Change Your Car's Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin air filters need to be changed approximately every 30,000 miles, but it's always best to consult the owner's manual for the recommended maintenance needs of the vehicle. Most experts in the automotive industry suggest changing the air filter every 15,000 miles. If you're unsure if it's time to replace your cabin air filter, you can always consult the experts at Audi Stratham. Our team is happy to share the basics of cabin air filters and help you schedule an appointment at our service center if needed.

When you're ready to buy a new cabin air filter, be sure to take a look at the owner's manual to see if there are any different recommendations from the manufacturer. You can also ask to see the current one if a dealer's service department or repair shop recommends buying a new one. The cabin air filter is designed to remove contaminants from the breathing air inside the vehicle, such as leaves, rodent droppings, pet dander and hair, and other small debris. Replacing a clogged cabin filter frequently is essential because when you don't, you'll end up breathing in all the nasty debris trapped in the filter.

Following your vehicle's maintenance recommendations may be sufficient, but there are several situations (such as those mentioned above) where your vehicle's maintenance recommendations could be lower and leave the filter dirty or clogged for longer than it should. Believe it or not, it's quite easy to replace the cabin air filter on most vehicles, and yet most drivers don't do it regularly or overpay their mechanic to replace it. In addition to improving the air quality inside the vehicle cabin, if you keep abreast of the situation and change the cabin air filter in due time without postponing this task for a while and postponing things, you will save yourself from paying for costly repairs in the future. For example, if you drive alone and don't have other people in the car very often, the cabin air filter should become less clogged because there are fewer people inside your car.

How To Tell If It's Time To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

The best indicator that the cabin air filter needs to be changed is through a visual inspection, observing the impact of the air flow, or by an olfactory inspection.

However, even if you don't have these warnings, you should have your air filter checked at least once a year, and you may be able to do it yourself. And, if you have a carbon cabin air filter, you'll also be protected from bad odors coming from the outside.


In conclusion, it's important to regularly change your cabin air filter every 15,000 to 25,000 miles and always be aware of your cabin air filter cleaning tasks. Read our article for some of the best cabin air filters you can find and make sure your car is running smoothly.