Does Installing an Air Intake Void Your Warranty?

It is illegal for a dealer to void your warranty solely on the basis of installing an aftermarket product. The Cold Air Intake (CAI) is a great product, easy to install and adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to the car's engine. It allows more air to enter the engine, reducing its resistance and improving performance if you have an internal combustion engine. I don't know enough about the SHO to comment, but I do know that for my car, a K&N panel filter works as well as an IAC, and you avoid the possibility of hydraulic blockage (as well as drawing in hot air like a short ram setup).

I have recommended and would recommend this product again to anyone looking for a well-built, great-looking cold air intake. This allows consumers to seek competitive prices for their repair and replacement parts without fear of voiding their warranty when installing or having them installed. For example, if you went to a dealer for a warranty claim related to suspension noise, they could only deny your claim if they could prove that their replacement parts (in this case, an intake system) caused the suspension noise. On 99.9% of vehicles, simply replacing your standard air filter on time will give you the same performance improvements as a K&N. After doing extensive research on this site, I determined that I wanted a smooth cold air intake and that the Cold Air Inductions fit perfectly.

Adding a spoiler to your car can improve its handling by increasing the pressure of air on it.