How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Air Filter?

When it comes to the cost of replacing an air filter, the price range is based on national averages for all vehicles. This does not include taxes, fees, or the particular make and model of your car. Cabin air filters tend to get dirty faster than engine air filters and need to be replaced more often. If you are replacing your old air filter with a different size than the one originally installed on your vehicle, this can also increase the price by an average of 15%, due to the labor costs associated with installation.

If the air filter is in an easily accessible location, it should not take more than an hour to replace it. In addition to taking your car to the dealership, where you will likely be charged more for labor, you can take your vehicle to any nearby auto repair shop to have your engine air filter replaced. There are different types of air filters for engines, but the most common are made of paper-like fibers. If you have noticed that your vehicle's performance has become slow, it may be because the air filter is not working properly. Changing or cleaning your engine's air filter is more of a maintenance service than a repair, but if maintenance is neglected, major repairs may be necessary. Therefore, it is important to change or clean your air filter every 10,000 miles, even if it is still functioning properly.

Filters come in different sizes and shapes specific to certain vehicles, so there is no one size fits all. If you have never done it before, consult your owner's manual and it will guide you through the steps of finding your air filter and learning how to remove and replace it. Most filters are rectangular in shape, but older vehicles usually have a round or donut-shaped air filter. In the past, both water and oil baths were used for air filtration; however, these methods were tedious as the filtration unit had to be cleaned regularly. The type of vehicle and size of the air filter will determine how much money someone spends on replacement.

The Department of Energy tested three vehicles - a Buick Lucerne, a Dodge Charger and a Toyota Camry - and compared their fuel economy and acceleration with a new clean engine filter with the same attributes as a clogged filter. To access it, simply release the box by pressing a tab on each side and remove the old filter. Try brushing dirt off the surface and turning the filter 180 degrees to expose the cleaned area to the main airflow.