Do I Need to Check My Cabin Air Filter?

Do you need to check your cabin air filter? It's a question that many car owners have, and the answer is yes. A cabin air filter works to clean the air entering the heating and air conditioning system before it enters the vehicle cabin. It captures airborne contaminants, such as dirt and dust, before they enter the engine and cause damage. It's important to inspect your cabin air filter at least once a year to monitor its condition.

As the filter begins to clog, you'll usually notice symptoms of a faulty cabin air filter, such as reduced airflow from the vents, musty odors inside the car, or more and more dust accumulating on interior surfaces. Whenever you use the heating or air conditioning system, the cabin air filter filters the air entering the cabin. The owner's manual will tell you how often you should change the cabin air filter of your exclusive vehicle. However, it's something so easy to do that you'll save money doing it yourself.

Nine times out of ten, when Jiffy Lube tries to sell you a filter, it's a hoax, but cabin air filters are not a hoax and you must replace yours. If you want personalized advice based on your vehicle, including how often you should change the cabin air filter, you can ask Jiffy Lube for help. But if you want to save money, it's best to do it yourself. I rotate my own tires (most of the time), change my own wiper blades, change cabin air and engine air filters, repair my own brakes, and change my own spark plugs.

As for when to replace it, we've seen a wide range of suggestions, including “every 15,000 miles”, every time you change your oil, “every 3-4,000 miles”, “check your car's manual” and “when it's dirty”. I suffer from respiratory allergies in winter and spring, and I can tell right away when the air has pollen due to filter clogging. So if you want to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently for years to come, make sure to check your cabin air filter regularly.